Rymi at Kyiv Art Week 2020

Project: CINEMA

Curator: Ksenja Oksin

Artists: Ave, Julia Beliaeva, Margo Reznik

VR artist: Ksenja Oksin


We are the characters of a movie that has no director. Actors around us improvise and no one knows the finale. Everyone has their own individual dramas and comedies, in the genre that could be most accurately described as apocalyptic anti-utopia. 


It seems like a luxury to contemplate on the future of humanity while we all need to work and provide for our present. But will the immersion in our current affairs protect us from their consequences?

We witness the retranslation of reality through screens. Information has an immense power. The internet makes all the knowledge readily available. At the same time constant information flow could be morally exhausting and destructive. In the reality of constant information noise clarity gains the most value.


This project is a single spatial composition — a private cinema. The plasma screen is used to show Margo Reznik's video art, between chairs we can see Yulia Belyayva's work "Deformation", white neutral furniture is used as a background for the "Noumenonon. Thing-in-itself" art-objects by Ave and Oksin. There is conceptual art on the walls as well, represented by two paintings. Magical booth is a final object of this installation, channelling our inability to escape ambiguity.


Virtual tour of Rymi at Kyiv Art Week 2020

(YouTube, duration 0:56)

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