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Teletubbies burn Giordano Bruno at the stake

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Giordano Bruno said that he came up with the idea of other worlds, reflecting on the omnipotence of the Lord. Possessing infinite power, God created an infinite number of worlds in an infinite universe. And perhaps, among those, there are Earth-like planets with life on them. Ironically, Bruno's views of the universe (that were way ahead of his time and closer to the truth than Copernicus’s version) — are rooted in religious beliefs. Even more interesting is the fact that Giordano doubted the integrity of the Immaculate Conception, did not believe in atonement, and did not agree that Christ died of his own free will.

Seven years in prison did not make him renounce any of his beliefs. He was burned to death for being an heretic. A monument to Bruno was erected at the site of the execution in the Square of Flowers (Campo dei Fiori) in Rome. At the bottom of the pedestal there is an inscription: “To Bruno - From the Age he Predicted - Here Where the Fire Burned”.

To this day, the Roman Catholic Church refuses to consider Giordano Bruno's rehabilitation, justifying the actions taken by the Inquisition.

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